Here you can download pre-configured SDKs for a range of environments and platforms. These are completely self-contained development kits so you can start using CHAI 3D very quickly. Please make sure to download the correct SDK for your platform. The operating systems currently supported are Windows, Linux and Mac OS-X. Previous versions of CHAI 3D can also be downloaded here.

If you are new to using CHAI 3D we invite you to explore the various examples that were carefully designed and documented within the code to demonstrate the capabilities offered by the framework. Detailed information about the different classes and methods can also be found in the online documentation that is also included in the SDK packages:

Date: 16 October 2009 Version: 2.0.0


Windows [32 bit]

Windows [64 bit]

Mac OS-X

Linux [32 bit]

Linux [64 bit]





Supported Haptic Devices:

[ delta.x, omega.x, falcon, phantom, freedom6 ]

[ delta.x, omega.x, phantom, freedom6 ]

[ delta.x, omega.x ]

[ delta.x, omega.x ]

[ delta.x, omega.x ]

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