CGlobals.h File Reference

Implements option settings for CHAI3D. More...

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void chai3d::cSleepMs (const unsigned int a_interval)
 This function suspends the execution of the current thread for a specified interval. More...

Detailed Description

CGlobal.h also contains a list of compiler settings that control the features included in CHAI3D. Default settings are provided for Windows, Linux and Mac OS-X operating systems.

CHAI3D compiling options are the following:

  • C_USE_OPEN_GL: Enable or disable support for OpenGL. Disabling OpenGL allows you to compile CHAI3D on embedded real-time operating systems for instance, or with applications that may use a different graphics library (i.e. DirectX).
  • C_USE_EIGEN: Enable or disable support of external Eigen libraries. If Eigen is disabled, CHAI3D uses its own internal matrix library and representation.
  • C_USE_FILE_3DS: Enable of disable external support for 3DS files.
  • C_USE_FILE_GIF: Enable of disable external support for GIF files.
  • C_USE_FILE_JPG: Enable of disable external support for JPG files.
  • C_USE_FILE_PNG: Enable of disable external support for PNG files.
    Disabling one or more features will reduce the overall capabilities of CHAI3D and may affect some of the examples provided with the framework.

For more information about the different compilation settings, please review the inline comments in the CGlobal.h header file.