CHAI3D is an open source set of C++ libraries for computer haptics, visualization and interactive real-time simulation. CHAI3D supports a number of commercially-available three-, six- and seven-degree-of-freedom haptic devices, and makes it simple to support new custom force feedback devices.

For a general introduction to the CHAI3D libraries, we highly recommend to review in numerical order the well documented examples provided with the framework.

For overviews of various selected features or general organization of CHAI3D, see sections overview and documentation.

This online documentation for CHAI3D is a continuous work-in-progress. Although the large majority of classes have been documented properly, there might still be some poorly documented items. If you happen upon an undocumented or poorly documented classes or concepts which you find hard to understand, please give us a notice so we can rectify the situation.

See for more information about CHAI3D.