normal Phantom: OSX - No device detected; Windows: 2 Hz

01 Nov 2017 18:17 #1

Hello everybody,

i am working on a project with the haptic device Phantom OMNI from SensAble.
For about a weak I was trying to get it to work under a windows machine using
SensAble's own SDK OpenHaptics - without success. All I can use is the testing application
that comes shipped with it, no example code works if the device is plugged in.

A colleague of mine was making a project with it years ago and sent me his masters
thesis, in which I found out Chai3D exists and seems to make the Phantom useable under
OSX and offers a lot of utilities that suit my needs.

So I was hoping I could work with the Phantom and chai3D in OSX but the first
example project application shows that it doesn't detect any device.

I also tried it using (bootcamp) Windows 7 Prof. 64bit and it works at least, but
it's running very slow ..with 60fps/2Hz.. and the 2Hz I assume represents the polling rate
from the stylus position.

Does anybody know how to resolve these problems?

Kind regards,

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07 Nov 2017 15:10 #2

I just found out that the problems I was experiencing came from Apple's FireWire interface drivers for windows bootcamp partitions. (Macbook Pro 13-inch 2012)

Everything works now, using a pure windows workstation with a onboard firewire (VIA chipset) interface.

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