normal New application: Xcode not finding header files

27 Apr 2018 16:38 #1

I am trying to setup a new Chai3D project in Xcode, working from the models provided in the chai3d 3.2.0 package and from the documentation example of setting up a Visual Studio project. Everything is now in order, but my project is not successfully finding the chai3d library headers.

In short, I have created a bin directory and an external directory, and have placed the entire chai3d package inside the latter, in a 'chai3d' folder. I have created a new Xcode (v 8) project for a command line application. I have imported the libchai3d.xcodeproj, libchai3d-ODE.xcodeproj, GLFW.xcodeproj projects into my xcode project, as well as ibdrd.a.

I have created my own 01-simple.cpp file as the starting point, containing a copy of the code from the 1st chai3d example (GLFW/01-mydevice).

When building, the project cannot find chai3d.h. If I short-cut the issue by manually including chai3d.h in the project, it then can't find the chai3d math headers, etc.

I have gone through the chai3d.xcodeproj with a fine tooth comb, copying and pasting to ensure everything in my own build settings matches that example. I have tried numerous different paths, recursive and non-recursive, in the Build Settings / Header Search Paths specification. To no avail. I really can't figure out what is different in chai3d.xcodeproject that is allowing it to find the chai3d library headers.

Any clues would be very much appreciated.

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27 Apr 2018 18:56 #2

Actually, I found at least part of the issue. The header file paths were correct at the Project level, but at the target level, the target was not inheriting the paths from the Project. Inserting $(inherited) as a header path for the target seemed to resolve the issue.

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