unanswered cMesh collision detection wrong

09 May 2018 22:22 #1

Hi, I'm working on chai 3.2.0 and I'm experiencing a strange problem. I have a mesh (a cube) with viscosity effect (no surface, nothing else). If the haptic handler enters the cube, the proxy remains on the surface (different for what happens on a cShapeSphere, where the proxy remains linked to the device position). The problem is, cCollsisionAABB detects a collision (forcing the proxy to stay on the surface). No force is given (since there's no surface/stiffness) so the viscous effect is rendered, but it remains enabled when trespassing the object.

Is this "expected" (viscosity not fully implemented on cMesh objects) or is there a problem with my code?

Thanks, Nicolò

edit: the same is happening in the brute force collision detection

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