unanswered Using Chai3d in Simulink S-Function Builder

27 Jul 2021 13:53 #1


I am currently trying to use the chai3d library in a simulink S-Function.
I use chai3d with a Novint Falcon and all works fine when I program it using C++ and CMake.
However for my purpose, I need the position data of the Novint Falcon in a Real Time Simulink Model.
Therefore I want to use a S-Function to extract the current device position and output it to the simulink model.
But I always run into problems compiling the S-Function.
I attached the error as a screenshot.

If i comment out the line 24, it can compile. Only by calling a function from chai3d library, the compilation fails.

I run Matlab R2021a on Ubuntu 18.04. and Chai3D on newest (multiplatform) version.

Does anybody have experience with using chai3d with Simulink's S-Function-Builder and can help me?

Thanks in advance.


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